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The Maxtraxx 4×4 Off-Grid Camper Conversion By Vanworx

Published on 2 January 2022 at 15:21

Let's face it, if zombies are going to attack, 2022 is definitely the year for it! It's almost like Dorset based Volkswagen approved van convertor Vanworx know this and are tapping into an almost open market!

Zombies Will Never Catch You In The Maxtraxx!

Vanworx have designed this go anywhere camper with agility in mind as well as comfort. VW’s proven 4motion 4 wheel drive system, huge Delta alloys shod with BF Goodrich’s finest all terrain K02 rubber, raised ride height and a deep water snorkel will get you just about anywhere.

Couple that with a luxury mattress topped fixed double bed, diesel powered cooking, heating and hot water system, shower/wc and solar charged lithium battery set up will ensure you can escape the hoards of dribbling, foot dragging beasts that will no doubt be (rather slowly yet infuriatingly always behind you) chasing you. And that’s just the paparazzi desperate for a photo! Read more...

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