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Interview with Alessandro Domenino

Published on 27 December 2021 at 13:51

Italian Man Buys Russian Van and Drives 40,000km around Europe

Born in Turin, Italy in 1977 Alessandro Domenino worked as a civil engineer at a nuclear research facility located in Geneva. One day, whilst on a break in Russia, Alessandro spotted a peculiar looking van he had never seen before.


The van, known as a UAZ-452, is a very popular Russia van, of which the locals call Буханка (Bukhanka, or to English speakers, loaf (as in bread)). Alessandro fell in love straight away with this quirky little utilitarian looking van. So much so, after 10 years of work, he decided he wanted to buy a UAZ, and to then head off on some big adventures – thus a passion for VanLife was born! Read more...

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