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The AeroPress Coffee Maker

Published on 6 December 2021 at 20:40

I love my coffee. It's my vice. I don't drink alcohol but my god can I knock back a few mugs of the black gold! Well, usually it's white, but you get my drift. I favour a flat white if I'm splashing out on a proper one. Those micro bubbles that give a certain thickness to the brew, not quite a white Americano, not quite a Cappuccino. But, in all honesty, I'll take it anyway it comes. As long as it's not cheap instant crap. 

I have tried many different machines, usually expensive electric ones, that are far too powerful for a campervan leisure battery and a couple didn't work at all as they required the far more superior pure sine wave inverter (which also has a far more superior price tag). 
I stumbled across this manual beast after a Facebook enquiry on one of the more popular groups I'm in. A simple question about "Which is your go to coffee maker" resulted in hundreds of recommendations mainly for the AeroPress! So me being me and hating waiting for stuff once I made up my mind, I headed over to Amazon and clicked "Buy It Now" and whilst I waited for next day delivery I researched how to make the perfect brew. 

My research revealed that in the States there is even a world championship AeroPress competition! I was getting very excited now, and even more so as I read about the many different ways you can use this wonderful contraption to make coffee: as intended; inverted; cold brew; espresso; long black, the list goes on! You can be as precise as a circus knife thrower or, like me, just wing it and  see how it goes, continuing until you've mastered your very own perfect brew recipe. 

Making a simple coffee takes around 30 seconds. It really is that quick! I do all the prep whilst the kettle is boiling just like you would with an instant coffee, the rest is for the brew. 

It's completely manually operated and requires no power. The Aeropress is also fully portable of course, meaning you can take it anywhere: hiking, mountain biking, in the camper, to your mates house as they always have rubbish coffee, the limitations are non existent! 

I can't recommend this USA designed and made coffee contraption enough! Remember the Aerobie flying ring from the 80's? Same inventor! Alan Adler. Every now and then, when I make a particularly good brew, I like to raise my mug to Alan to show my appreciation for such an excellent machine! 

Grab yours by clicking here!

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