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The RidgeMonkey Kettle

Published on 28 November 2021 at 23:27

In the last year I have been savagely attacked by many kettles. I've been burned by scalding steam, soaked by failing handles, spat at by enthusiastic spouts. So much so, I am 100% sure there has been some kind of witchcraft spell type sorcery stuff that's been cast upon me.

I have been through no less than 6 different styles and brands of stove top kettles and then finally I stumbled upon this rather cute if not unique square kettle by RidgeMonkey. Primarily an innovative fishing accessory company that specialises in designing and producing some fine gear to make your life more comfortable on the waters edge. Luckily for us vanners though, their cooking equipment is also equally suited to camping and full time van living!

This little beast of a kettle has enough weight to it to be sure footed on the stove giving confidence in leaving it to do its thing. The shape means it will nestle nicely in a corner when not in use and as we all know, space is at a premium in a small converted Transit van! The dual fold over handles lay flat when not being used to lift or pour the kettle meaning its pretty stackable too! It wears a small stumpy spout that ensures the boiling water within is poured with the accuracy of a Viking axe thrower and also doesn't spit all over the place when you forget it's boiling away or you need to leave it to boil for a few minutes to kill any bugs from the river water.
I have yet to burn my knuckles on the lid whilst pouring it which is a first for me and my chunky sausage fingers. 

It takes an absolute battering too so rest assured that if you forget to pack it away before you drive off to your next beautiful sunset and it falls off the sideboard on the second roundabout, it'll likely survive to give you many more smiles! Yes, I talk from experience! To be fair though, I do like my kettles to have a nice bit of character, it makes naming them easier. Mines called Lara Croft in case you were wondering. Hot, steamy and to be handled with caution!

The only downside is that there is no cheery whistle when the water comes to temp but as it's designed with the angler in mind, that'd be a daft addition. I know more about quantum physics or indeed netball, than I do about using a fishing racquet but I do know that a whistling kettle means no supper from the river.  

Anyway, for fear of being cast as a square kettle loving weirdo I shall leave you with this link to where I bought mine and of course, if you buy it through this link I'll probably earn a couple of quid monies. But hey, I own a Transit and it's always breaking! Grab your cute square RidgeMonkey kettle in small 0.5 litre size or large 1.1 litre here! I bought the large by the way which is big enough for a couple of large brews with some left over to wash up with.


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