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A special thanks to my partners that are supporting my work by sponsoring road trips that I blog for them or by buying my blogs direct. If you'd like to partner or have me write a column or one off blog for your website or social media site then please do get in touch! 

VanLife Adventure is the biggest vanlife online magazine in the UK and is fast set to be the biggest across the world. 

The website is a wealth of information, articles and guides for everything related to vanlife.

I have been working with VanLife Adventure since September 2021 and have written articles, interviews and featured van conversions over the months. I have an author page that links my content here: Shane Davis, Content Creator 

I have helped build their Business Directory and I'm proud to a part of their growing success!

You can check out the awesome content here: www.vanlifeadventure.com


The Campervan Bible is your go to resource for all things campervan, guiding you through your journey from start to finish, so be sure to check out their website by visiting www.thecampervanbible.co.uk and read about my often hilarious journey around the Scottish Highlands famous NC500 route, here.

These guys sponsored the trip, a 516 mile loop around the most beautiful Highlands of Scotland over a two week period, summer '21! 

Camptoo are the UK's biggest peer to peer campervan and motorhome rental company. You can hire anything from a vanlife style off grid conversion to a full on luxury motorhome. They are also sponsoring the NC500 road trip and I write a fortnightly blog for their own blog page on their website. Click the link above to see some.


VanlifeZine is a brand new concept digital magazine that focuses on vanlife. It's due out in May 2021 and is set to be a huge hit within the community and. Full of information and articles, mine will be a regular monthly blog written as my alter ego Calamity Shane. Once the mag has been published I'll share the link.